Greek Ά La Carte Restaurant

Zorbas, one of the seven à la carte restaurants at Nana Golden Beach, is known for its authentic Greek cuisine. As the name suggests, the restaurant offers a wide range of dishes inspired by the flavours and aromas of the Greek islands. The á la carte selection allows diners to enjoy a truly refined choice of carefully crafted dishes in 4 courses, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional Greek spices. And as with all the restaurants at Nana Golden Beach, an extensive wine list is on offer to perfectly round off guests' culinary experience.

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Greek cuisine is known for its fresh, simple and tasty dishes based on regional produce and flavours. Popular ingredients are olive oil, lemons, garlic, herbs and spices such as oregano, basil and thyme. Among the best-known dishes are gyros and tzatziki. Greek cuisine is also known for its fish, lamb and salads such as Cretan farmer's salad.


Greek à la carte restaurant


18:15 - 21:15


We would like to remind you that appropriate evening attire is encouraged in all restaurants and bars at Nana Golden Beach. While we offer a relaxed atmosphere, we still wish to maintain a certain standard for dinner. Please note that any kind of sportswear or beachwear is not allowed in any of our restaurants for dinner.

Please note that a suit and tie are not compulsory, but we still appreciate it if our guests dress up for dinner. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to our restaurants and bars.

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For safety reasons, shoes must be worn in all bars and restaurants.

Greek cuisine is world-renowned for its delicious taste and the use of vegetables, legumes, fish, and healthy ingredients. At Zorbas, we do justice to this reputation with a menu dedicated to the usual dishes of this country in a refined version. Extra virgin olive oil, known for its health benefits, adds something truly special when mixed with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, wild herbs, as well as top-quality meats and seafood.


Reservations are required for all a la carte restaurants. Each restaurant can be reserved upon availability. Your reservations are accepted for the same day from 11.00 am - 02.30 pm at the reservation desk at the back of the lobby. If you would like to make a reservation for the following days, you can do so until 03.00 pm. You can also make reservations via our app (reservations are subject to availability).We recommend that our guests make reservations for the à la carte restaurants early after their arrival so that they have the opportunity to dine in their preferred restaurants.

During your stay, you can dine in a maximum of three (different) of our seven a la carte restaurants per week.