Nana Golden Beach boasts a superb sports facility, including 13 hybrid clay tennis courts (2 of which are covered), five hard courts (US Open surface) and 2 paddle tennis courts with floodlights for evening play (available for a fee).

Our recently constructed Sports Club center houses a 25-meter indoor pool (with an associated fee) and a state-of-the-art fitness center. This comprehensive fitness center features a functional area, weight training equipment, a cardio section, and free weights, all accessible to our guests at no additional cost.

For those seeking relaxation, our Royal Wellness Club offers a unique Spa System® by Starpool, an exclusive offering in Greece. You can indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience or book massages and treatments to enhance your well-being after a hard day's training. (for a fee).

Whether you arrive with your tennis club for a holiday retreat or bring your team for pre-season training, we are fully committed to providing our extensive knowledge and expertise to assist you.

We cater to various groups, offering training camps for club players, club teams, young tennis talents, and dedicated tournament players. Groups have the option to bring their own coaches and utilize our facilities for their training camps. If additional coaching support is required, our team is ready to provide one or more skilled coaches to complement your existing coaching staff.



Our primary focus is assisting you in recognizing your strengths and effectively applying the knowledge you've already gained on the tennis court. Each training session is meticulously customized to the individual player, ensuring that your unique playing style remains intact while realizing your full potential. Along the way, you'll develop skills for managing stress and fortifying both your emotional and physical equilibrium.

Our specialization lies in instructing you on actively shaping your game by anticipating and responding early and accurately. We provide guidance on game strategies and help bolster your physical and mental resilience. Our dedicated coaches will boost your confidence and self-assurance on the court, ultimately enhancing your overall performance as a tennis player.

Our coaching team comprises elite coaches with a combined experience of 30 years in professional tennis. We deliver dynamic, high-performance tennis training that hones your skills to their fullest. We'll refine your technique, teach you how to play with greater efficiency, and offer professional guidance to optimize your performance.



Our seasoned experts are consistently at your disposal to enhance your team as coaches. You can choose to pre-book one or more coaches for your group. In the event your group arrives without a coach, we can develop a training program tailored to your needs and have it conducted by our own coaching staff.


Whether you're participating in a tennis camp with your club or gearing up for the upcoming season with your team, our vast knowledge and wealth of experience are at your complete disposal without limitations.


We extend a warm invitation to all groups, allowing them to utilize our tennis facilities alongside their coaches, tailored to meet their specific requirements.

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Our focus is on promoting tennis in Crete and throughout Greece, which we actively pursue through the "Tennis Destination Crete" initiative. With our state-of-the-art tennis facilities and in close collaboration with the Hellenic Tennis Association (EFOA), ITF, Tennis Europe, and regional organizations, we provide vital support to budding tennis talents in Europe while simultaneously positioning Crete as a premier global tennis destination. Nestled in the sunny south of Greece, the island boasts more than 300 days of sunshine annually, making it the ideal location for tennis enthusiasts.

Annually, we serve as the host for a diverse array of competitions and tournaments.

Our tournament center comprises several dedicated zones, including the office of the tournament director, designated spaces for umpires and physiotherapists, a meeting room, training facilities, an athlete's lounge, and player changing rooms. Additionally, we've established separate medical care rooms to ensure comprehensive support for all athletes participating in our events.



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