Asian ‘A La Carte Restaurant

Those guests seeking to travel to exotic locations will find a rich variety of aromatic dishes and freshly made sushi in our Nami Asian restaurant. From the shores and cities of the Far East, our team of chefs present a selection of asian delights, including well know favourites and more unusual options.


Nami, meaning ‘wave’ in Japanese, is one of the four à la carte restaurants to be found at Nana Golden Beach in which guests can enjoy an exciting journey into new taste sensations.


Asian ‘A La Carte Restaurant

OPENING HOURS: 18:00 - 21:00


Guests are kindly requested to ensure that they are appropriately dressed in all restaurants and bars during the evening. Nana Golden Beach offers a relaxing atmosphere, however we do like to keep a certain standard for dinner. Whilst a suit and tie is certainly not compulsory, please be aware that any kind of sports or beachwear will not be allowed in any of our restaurants for dinner.
Daytime: Resort Casual. No swimwear in restaurants and snack bar. Covers-ups are required.
Evening: Elegant casual. No beachwear or shorts for ladies or gentlemen in the evening. Gentlemen must wear long trousers in all restaurants and bars. For safety reasons, shoes must be worn in all bars and restaurants.

Try out the fusion of finger-licking dishes prepared by our expert chefs in a menu designed to make you crave for more! Choose from beef bao buns or tuna tartare for starters followed by a crispy noodle salad with duck before a main course of salmon with miso, chicken tikka masala or a sushi selection. Dessert is really a treat with ginger flavoured cheesecake or passion fruit jelly with yuzu for those who truly appreciate Asian cuisine!


Reservations are required for all of the à la carte restaurants  (choice of the restaurant upon availability).