Nana Beach recognises the importance of the environment and the detrimental effect of carbon emissions and complies with all regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to the processes and activities which the company undertakes. Our objective is the promotion of tourism activities in which the quality of services provided and guest satisfaction are combined with the protection of the environment. Our policy aims not only at coinciding with the relative national legislation and the prevention of environmental pollution, but also in the continuous improvement of environmental achievements in a combination with the monitoring and reduction of all negative environmental factors emanating from the hotel unit’s activities.


In particular, we are committed to:

  • Realisation of action for the conservation of energy, the reduction of water consumption, the equitable management of sewage and the reduction and equitable management of solid waste
  • Maintenance of good quality atmosphere
  • Protection of beach and quality of waters
  • Briefing of all institutions in the region on the environmental actions of the hotel unit, aiming at the raising of awareness
  • Education and raising awareness of hotel personal, aiming at their active attendance in the system of environmental management
  • Briefing of customers on the environmental actions of Nana Golden Beach, aiming at the encouragement of their active attendance
  • Always seeking to achieve a safe and sustainable environment for our community, future generations and ourselves.
Nana golden beach is an award-winning, Eco-friendly resort committed to sustainable Tourism and environmental Conservation.


We are committed to creating an “environmental culture” in all our establishments, promoting the policy to all our guests, employees, contractors and agents. You can do your bit to help the environment. Please click on the icon below to get tips and ideas from our Nana Golden Beach Green Guest Charter.