Italian ‘A La Carte Restaurant

Everyone loves Italian cuisine and at our à la carte restaurant Firenze guests are sure to have all of their cravings satisfied with the generous selection of authentic dishes. From traditional pasta recipes with a range of sauces to delicious main course and unforgettable desserts, diners will enjoy wonderfully delicious food with the aromas of Italy wafting through the air.


The restaurant is an idyllic spot from which to enjoy a four course meal for a special occasion or simply when you want to treat yourself to pure homemade goodness!


Italian ‘A La Carte Restaurant

OPENING HOURS: 18:00 - 21:00


Guests are kindly requested to ensure that they are appropriately dressed in all restaurants and bars during the evening. Nana Golden Beach offers a relaxing atmosphere, however we do like to keep a certain standard for dinner. Whilst a suit and tie is certainly not compulsory, please be aware that any kind of sports or beachwear will not be allowed in any of our restaurants for dinner.
Daytime: Resort Casual. No swimwear in restaurants and snack bar. Covers-ups are required.
Evening: Elegant casual. No beachwear or shorts for ladies or gentlemen in the evening. Gentlemen must wear long trousers in all restaurants and bars. For safety reasons, shoes must be worn in all bars and restaurants.

Take a trip to Italy at the Firenze Restaurant and taste all the flavours of this gastronomy destination with refreshing gazpacho, marinated sea bass, ragout and select from classic Italian dishes such as risotto with prawns, carbonara and chicken pennes. Finish off your dinner with a sweet tiramisu to complete a totally sumptuous evening.


Reservations are required for all of the à la carte restaurants (choice of the restaurant upon availability).